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get to know a pit bull, you won't be disappointed....Some of the most loving loyal dogs i have encountered

Get to know a Real Pit Bull by Italian-Pitbull

Only a few short weeks after multiple doctors said Harper should be put down, this courageous and strong Pit Bull puppy stood up on her own two front legs.

She Found This Pit Bull Puppy In The Trash—And Performed A True Miracle.

Deformed puppy, rescued from trash, learns to walk: Harper is doing swimmingly thanks to hydrotherapy and lots of love

Pit Bull Facts: Do You Know The Truth | http://www.thelazypitbull.com/pit-bull-facts-do-you-know-truth/

Pit Bull Facts: Do You Know The Truth

Pit Bull Facts: Do YOU Know The Truth? There are so many myths about Pit Bulls and chances are, you've not only heard them but you might even believe them.

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PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG! Pitbulls are nice, caring, and gentle dogs, when raised right! This graph PROVES that pitbulls are nice dogs! Please pin this on your most popular board!

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I bet this is what Dexter looked like as a little pit bull pup :) (minus the white on the nose) The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou Episode Anime .

Baby pitbull ... The most misunderstood breed. I own a pitbull  and am here to say that if they are raised right they are the sweetest little angels ever~ <3

rescue shelter link with pitbull puppy These darling dogs are so unfairly maligned. the-heal-yourself-heal-the-world-board

One day people will actually take responsibility for their own actions instead of branding dogs as the dangerous ones.

"in the they blamed Dobermans, in the they blamed German Shepherds, in the they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the Pit Bull." WHEN WILL THEY BLAME THE HUMANS? cute pit bull puppy and quote from Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.

Sweet snugglers

Sweet face beautiful PitBull with an adorable pittie stuffed animal!