The Sun Salutation is the heartbeat of yoga. - Namaste.


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Yoga For Beginners -- The Sun Salutation Let's Kickstart our day with an easy to do Sun Salutation- OM!

Moon Salutation. Not as well known as the classical Sun Salutation, this is a lovely yoga vinyasa. #yoga

26 Amazing Benefits Of Yoga:

Sun Salutations/ CHAKRA Meditation

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Here's How To Actually Do A Sun Salutation

yoga for sciatica

Sun Salutations A & B

yoga poses to do after sitting at a desk all day

Yoga sequence to get strong, sculpted arms #yoga

If you think the pics are good, check out the actual link. It gives you a list of what body part you want to work on/ improve (ie. lower back, kidneys) and it lists yoga poses and how to do them! Soooooooo helpful! Definitely need to remember this! //

Sweet Dreams by fitisugar: Before-bed yoga sequence. #Yoga #Sleep