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When Your Child Can’t Speak: Signs of Sexual Abuse in Young Children

misscalcul8: Review Pong

"Everybody is Somebody" Back to School Bulletin Board

Adding goals to the top of the behavior chart and a rubric next to each part of our day has made all the difference this year! It helps students see where they are going and measure success. • Behavior Charts - When, Why, and How to Use Them • What I Have Learned -

Giant Connect Four! Take a shower curtain, spray paint it yellow and leave "holes" for the game pieces. Grab some plastic plates from the dollar tree and throw on Velcro on the back of the plates and where the holes are, then use Velcro to hang it from the wall each time you want to play. Kids loved it!

Yahtzee Get To Know You Game Board

AWESOME! This website provides information about specific disabilities. They provide information on ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Developmental Delay, Emotional Disability, and Learning Disability. This website also provides information on creating behavior plans and intervention plans. It also provides information on special education laws eligibility and more.

A free e-book to help kids to identify, understand and name their emotions. Understanding emotions is an important first step in helping kids to heal. Designed for children of divorce, this book is helpful for children of all ages, teens and even adults to understand different emotions and recognize how those emotions show up in their lives.

Teaching kids with autism

I have a daughter who seems hates challenges. She'd rather get mad and give up than persevere. She does not have what professor Angela Duckworth calls grit and author Carol Dweck calls it a growth mindset. And I'm sad. (And kind of worried, too.)

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How to raise a Juvenile Delinquent

Social Skills & Manners- amazing how many grown adults I know that could use this too!!!

Books that target problem areas or social skills.

Social Work Documentation: A Guide to Strengthening Your Case Recording by Nancy L. Sidell,

I can see so many uses for blank puzzles in group or individual counseling

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Think before you give child rearing advice;) I know all these and it still didn't change the fact he had autism

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Great to hang and remember!

Thank you for your commitment, and may 2015 bring a better New Year!

Is your child's behavior truly a behavior or could it be an underlying sensory processing problem? Come find out! | www.GoldenReflect...

Social Worker!