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Whatever yes there was and it continues into your nursing career

There's No Crying in Nursing School Women's Dark T-Shirt

Why Nursing? They're the ones who open the eyes of a newborn & gently close the eyes of a dying man. It is indeed a privilege to be the first & last to witnesd the beginning and end of life. So true. Nursing is the most rewarding profession out there.

Kind of took my breath away.moments like this will remind me that my choice of career was the right one

The life of a factory worker #FordEmployeeProblems

My life. The only good thing about 12 hour shifts is working 3 days/nights a week

nurse week 2013 | For Banker & All The Other Nurses::

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Free and Funny Nurses Week Ecard: I solomnly swear to clean up the most disgusting fluids that come from your body.

Motherhood and nursing

Motherhood and Nursing Two of the most thankless careers in the world and I chose 'em both. - This is for MOM

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