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    Protect your installations from moisture with these tips.

    Concrete Cloth from Milliken is flexible and will bend and curve, enabling it to follow the natural contours of the land, including ditches and slopes.

    What do combat vehicles, children's markers, floor coverings, rubber tires, medical wound dressings, wind turbines, and laundry baskets have in common? Milliken innovation.

    Experience the Milliken Innovation Gallery online and learn how we combine unique insights, deep science, and meaningful designs to discover innovations that 'Do good.'

    4 unexpected products developed with Milliken innovation, including washable colorants used in kid's washable finger paints and markers

    The Innovation Gallery at the Milliken regional headquarters in Shanghai invites visitors to explore a multitude of our company’s most creative and influential products.

    The Innovation Gallery at our Shanghai office pays homage to Milliken innovation in the past, present and future.

    At our regional headquarters in Shanghai, we look forward to continuing our heritage of innovation - offering more new products and technologies to our customers that provide a safer, more environmentally-friendly and beautiful tomorrow.

    Purposeful design features bold floor covering that highlights our design expertise.

    Sleek furniture and bold colors provide an inspiring atmosphere for associates and visitors to mingle.

    Designed by the global firm M Moser Associates, the LEED-Gold certified interior of our Shanghai office features client meeting areas, an innovation gallery, design studio, lab spaces, and open collaborative offices.

    Milliken’s new Asia headquarters in Shanghai combines sales, marketing, design, research and business support services in a state-of-the-art space that acts as the hub of Milliken innovation throughout Asia.

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    Happy Halloween from your friends at Milliken!

    "Whether it is art, architecture, interiors, materials, fashion or food, the design inspirations (in Europe) are endless." -Milliken CEO, Joe Salley

    "To me, what differentiates Europe from a design perspective is its rich history and heritage, the distinctive cultures, and the wonderful way design is translated." Milliken CEO, Joe Salley

    "What's not to love about Milan?" - Milliken CEO, Joe Salley

    Milliken CEO, Joe Salley, revealed that touring Italy is one of his own personal design pleasures

    'Doing Good' - Our showrooms "are intended to provide a forum for sharing ideas and having an open dialogue about future possibilities." -Milliken CEO, Joe Salley

    'Doing Good' - Our new design studios "are designed to facilitate a higher level of creativity, communication and collaboration between our associates and our customers." Milliken CEO, Joe Salley

    At Milliken, innovation has shaped who we are and what we do. Our spirit of Purposeful Play is how we discover, learn and exceed expectations. Check out this video, showcasing our commitment to innovation.

    Wondering what Milliken's mantra of 'Doing Good' really means? Check out this video of Joe Salley on how Milliken strives to positively impact the world around us.

    "The Milliken campus should be on the 'must see' list for anyone who loves the beauty of nature and architecture." -Milliken CEO, Joe Salley

    "I am inspired by beautiful landscapes and architecture, and am fortunate to be surrounded by beauty each day that I spend at the Milliken HQ campus in Spartanburg." -Milliken CEO, Joe Salley

    'Doing Good' - "Our Color Wash collection allows our clients to rethink the role of flooring in interior environments and explore entirely new ways of expressing their creativity." - Milliken CEO, Joe Salley