Real men...


Smile, you’re a dad…and a dad and a dad and a dad. This guy had too much fun at that bachelor party.

Yes. Respect the bubble!

That time of the month can be a real b*tch (18photos) - period-jokes-14

LOL i'ma do this to my friend xD BEWARE FRIEND!

For the record I showed my husband this picture and he got upset. Michael: 'Stupid people. That could really hurt the baby!' thank goodness! It's still a funny picture though

moms vs dads


how to bun for dads. Haha aww this is cute

Some Say He Is Still Wandering The Aisles. Help Me Wife Won't Leave. LOL!!!! Poor Husband. Michaels Craft Store. Hobby Lobby.

This will be me

sweet jesus...dial 9-1-1 NOW!

It’s Nap Time

Sell Me This Laptop- Funny and Hilarious -

@hydrangeahill This is our family