Cool tattoo idea :) Let it grow again by ~WednesdayM0rning

a beating heart is a growing flower


Heart with insects.

Michele Parliament - Digital collages - Illustrazioni anatomiche e forme naturali More @

Space cadet.

Home is where the heart is by Alvaro Arteaga ART PRINT / MINI (8" X 10")

Ventricles, coronary arteries and all... perhaps an idea for a tattoo? (: #cardiologist

Let It Grow and Let It Grow Again by Wednesday Morning

Anatomical Heart Travel Mug - Bread and Badger Gifts


A Growing Heart

by Colette Saint Yves, via Flickr visto su

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Mapa del corazón

Skull, Clockwork Heart, Heart Vintage, Steampunk Heart Drawing

This needs to be my second heart tattoo.