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Rubbermaid Paint Buddies. Put your left over paint in them and retouch anytime you want. Brilliant, brilliant I say!!

The power of pinterest by 03.2012

How cool is this product!?! You can actually see under the iron to see if the wrinkles are gone! Genius.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts.

Watch movies on your wall... NOO WAAAAY

26 Very Pinteresting Stats

Portable Printer Stick

according to msnbc it looks like working from home is the top ranking job in america, great read. i found my next job :D

coolest 2012 jobs

i love working from home

40 Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts. Best. Pin. Ever.

Gives a little description right next to the link so you can easily explore

The Social Media Sharing Habits Of Men And Women [infographic]


Great MSNBC article, take a look if you're trying to get a job, via @alexavontobel

Social Media Jobs Salary Guide #socialmedia #infographic

New FaceBook emoticons #infograhic