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Tree stump coffee table made with salvaged cedar

Tree Trunk Tables

韩国艺术家李在孝(Jaehyo Lee 1965-)的雕塑作品。用原木制作,既有天然的感觉,同时强化简单几何美感_近视女青年的收藏_我喜欢

韩国艺术家李在孝(Jaehyo Lee 1965-)的雕塑作品。用原木制作,既有天然的感觉,同时强化简单几何美感_近视女青年的收藏_我喜欢

How To Choose Modern Furniture For Small Spaces

As the size of a home gets smaller and smaller, it seems logical for the comfort to decrease as well, right? Well, that's not necessarily true. In fact, sm

nelson table | RedInFred

wood and concrete end tables

I love this idea, however the glass would have to be flush or it would be a bitch to dust. is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. We are want to say thanks …

Found Fallen Tree Branch is Repurposed into Beautifully Unconventional Shelving

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz found a fallen tree branch and instead of letting a wood chipper decide its fate, he gave it new purpose as a modern shelving unit.

The racks of these offices and factories are usually wall mounted owing to the build and the heavy weight of these helmets. Custom molded racks are best for ...