All night my heart makes its way however it can over the rough ground of uncertainties, but only until night meets and then is overwhelmed by morning, the light deepening, the wind easing and just waiting, as I too wait (and when have I ever been disappointed?) for redbird to sing.

Eleonore Indra - Unknown woman on the water mirror.



"Storm Princess"...

The Usual Suspects (Line up) Faisal Almalki


Trovato su

Framing- This photo does an exceptional job framing the face of the girl, bringing the attention to the girls eye in a through shot. Doug Ghim

This reminds me of the Series of Unfortunate Events series by Lemony Snicket. I can just see Violet, Clause and Sunny sitting on this pier. Not Really Sure why, but I can

Would you like red wine or white? #whbm #feelbeautiful

Photography black and white wonderful style by Victoria Ivanova still life Soul of the mustang

The Megalomania by Victoria Ivanova

The texture i this photograph is amazing. There is contrast between the roughness of the larger hand and the delicate, smooth baby hand. This photo would be fairly easy to recreate.

Minimalist photos



i cHose tHis phOto beCauSe i likE thAt tHEy oNly coLored onE of tHE dIce a bRighT cOlor aNd kePt thE reSt bLaCk anD gReY. iT gIves tHe phOto a cLeaR poInt of emPhasIs

Black and White Dice

falling ~ETS