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Tech Talk for Teachers: Let's Get SMART®

Tech Talk for Teachers: Let's Get SMART®--smartboard tips i can send to a bunch of people and stop having to explain everything myself

Estimate & Measure with Chef Pierre (from Compass Learning Odyssey) Great activity for K-1st. Estimate how many cinnamon rolls each pan will hold, then measure to see if you are correct.

Teachers Love SmartBoards--Annotated reviews of SmartBoard sites. This page dedicated to Primary (Elementary) level. Side bar leads to resources for High School and Middle School, as well

I Need my Teachers to Learn - produced by Kevin Honeycutt about the need for teachers to continuously improve, adapt, and adopt new strategies for reaching their students.

This file contains checkers, chess, connect 4, chutes and ladders, sorry, and tic-tac-toe. All games are able to be played on the SMART board throu...

Smartoboard blog with,other things too, like Friv (need to check out with a computer with Flash Player)

(G) "Classroom Rules" Have a discussion the first day about what it looks like to follow these rules. ie: be ready to learn- be in your seat, quiet and ready with all of your supplies and books you will need.

Start Your Day the SMART Way -Simple instructions to help Smart board beginners start using their boards. Some additional tips & tricks included for more experienced Smart board users

Smart Boards are awesome because teachers are able to use this as a visual aid and also a kinesthestic. The students can be able to come up to the board and touch it, and write on it so other students can also see what they are doing.