Minnie Mouse nails

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My minnie mouse nails from delight nails LOVE

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Nails! If we go to Disneyland we should all paint our nails like this (you will have to get over your foot fear Syd!)

Polka Dot Stripes.


Cute patriotic nails

Cute red french with white polka dots and black ribbons (Minnie Mouse style Nail Art) ♥


There are plenty of ways where you can design feathers onto your nails. It can be on summer themes or even feathers in the winter times or holidays, take your pick! The great thing about feather nail art is that you can choose just about any type of theme and it can definitely fit.

Omg pretty!

My version of Mickey Minnie Mouse Nails

The Sparkle Queen: Thanksgiving and Fall Nail Art Ideas and Tutorials

Minnie Mouse Nails

Love this polish. I NEED,THIS!!!!!

Flower (Bambi) nails

{ essie, bikini so teeny }