Get your very own R2-D2 planetarium!

Galaxy Star Projector :: Oh, holy night...yes.

R2D2 life size projector with Millennium Falcon remote. Auxiliary works with almost anything - iPod, Xbox, USB, DVD, you name it.

Star Wars Bunk Bed. Jonathan had some issues thanks to space restrictions in a new home. As a solution, he came up with the idea for the most amazing triple bunk bed ever, Imperial Walker style.

R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard

Death Star Ice Cube. I need to get this!


Lightsaber Lamps

Steam Punk Star Wars

Star Wars R2-D2 Backpack @ Wicked Clothes

R2-D2 USB Charger

Ha!! R2D2 Vacuum cleaner

Nestle To Release Limited Edition Star Wars Branded Coffee Machines

Star Wars "switch to the dark side" light plate. Would be cute for classroom. Actually, it would be cute to paint anything on ugly silver plates!


Star Wars Mood Lights / These Star Wars Mood Lights will create just the ambience you need when you’re crossing over from the land of the living room to the dark side of your bedroom.

Happy little AT-AT

Here at GeekAlerts we love R2-D2 and anything styled in his honor. Apparently so do the designers at Salvador Bachiller. While not officially licensed, hence no official Star Wars R2-D2 name, this rolling suitcase looks enough like th

The Fett