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@ Angie Bloom, something to chew on! In your meditation today.... May your body be still and comfortable.... May your head, neck and trunk be aligned.... May your breath be smooth, slow, serene, and with no pauses.... May the flow of thoughts in your mind not disturb you.... May your meditation today bring you peace, happiness and bliss....

Get into the #Eagle Pose (Garuda Asana) in the middle of #nature. #yoga

Wii Fit Plus has step by step yoga, that uses the balance board to keep you in perfect position. :)

be a warrior, not a worrier! #yoga

The Purpose of Yama and Niyama by eveyoga: With the popularity of hatha yoga these days, it’s common for students to do asanas hoping to make their bodies strong. However, hatha yoga is just one of the eight limbs of the tree, which includes yama and niyama.. #Illustration #Yoga #Yama

pat bailey in parivrtta prasarita padottanasana • revolved wide-legged standing forward fold • sylvia krzysztofek

Sometimes when I get flustered with things or frustrated with life, I forget to take a deep breath and relax. When the Fall semester starts life for me turns into a hectic journey until December. Also sometimes I can get easily irritated with certain people and I just need to always remember to BREATHE!

Postura "Vrksasana" (El árbol) Beneficios: Desarrolla el sentido del equilibrio. Aumenta la capacidad de concentración. Tranquiliza el sistema nervioso. Facilita la toma de conciencia del esquema corporal. Tonifica y fortalece los músculos y nervios de las piernas, favoreciendo el riego sanguíneo a las mismas. Estimula y dota de elasticidad las articulaciones de las extremidades inferiores. Abre el pecho y tonifica los hombros. Alivia las molestias del nervio ciático y mejora el pie plano

arm balances yoga workout, yoga for beginners, yoga inspiration


Bikram Yoga sequence. Great workout to do outside in the summer heat instead of something like running. Still detoxifies and works you out. #bikram #yoga