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  • Fluffy RedFox

    had this as a wall poster once... awesome

  • K Rome

    Cool idea for back tattoo

  • Melrick 2

    La Flor del Dolor (The Flower of Pain), in MichaelĀ G's Royo artworks Comic Art Gallery Room - 561217

  • andre syah

    Ebook of Butterfly Tattoo Photos and Images. The great thing about tattoos are you can express yourself in your own unique way. Its a technique of marking the skin with colors, creating a design of one's choice. This ebook of butterfly tattoo images may have just the one you are looking for.

  • deFharo

    Tatoos by Luis Royo | Fantasy art | Illustration @deFharo

  • Hellen Uyehara

    These images will show you just how many women are getting some ink, and proves that what men can do, women can do better. Seeing the feminine figure with a tattoo trumps the male body covered in tattoos any day. Seeing a tattoo peeking out from underneath a womans snug jeans or placed on her hip will frequently trigger an intense reaction. AGREED!

  • American Man

    Luis Royo - Tatoo Lady, available at American Man Cave in Bellville, Texas