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  • Victoria Roberts

    Can one good deed from an ordinary girl change the world? Yes it can! In her first children's book, author Emily Pearson shows us how

  • 21/64

    Kindness & compassion lead to a chain reaction of good deeds. - Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed by Emily Pearson

  • Diane Salter

    Ordinary Marys Extraordinary Deed is just one example of many books listed - Teaching Children about Random Acts of Kindness

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Having this up in your classroom allows students to fill eachothers buckets and be kind. It will show kindness in the community of the classroom and is also a cute display

Are you a bucket filler?Here's a cute rewards poster to use with a class bucket!The whole class works together to earn fuzzies. When it's ...

EveryFriday afternoon, we have “BUCKET FILLER FRIDAY” time.The students really look forward to this every week, even though it only lasts about 5 minutes!During the week, students fill out bucket slips for one another with positive comments to acknowledge that person’s great effort or kind deeds during the week.Students are called a few at a time to empty their buckets and read the positive comments that others have written to them. They pack up quickly, hoping to be the first to be called.

David Shannon, we read your wonderful book about the importance of being oneself. Then, each kid got a cup of vanilla pudding to color. We layered the pudding in the class bowl and shared the rainbow treat. The collaboration was wonderful...and it took a lot of hand washing before, during and after!

class bucket filling - have a class bucket instead of individual buckets. fill with pompoms when class does well - fill 4 times a year to win rewards. free printable reward sign.

Great books to read to reinforce positive expectations in the classroom!This packet includes:Writing How to be a Good FriendDrawing pictu...

Listening & following directions.....RJ has had a rough day...he wakes up with gum stuck in his hair, misses recess because he's late to school, earns a zero on his math homework, kicks the ball into his own team's soccer goal, and messes up Mom's kitchen with his overflowing pancake batter! With his mother's help, RJ learns that his problems happen because he doesn't listen or pay attention to directions from her, his school principal, teachers, or even his friends.

List of picture books that have positive messages and valuable character building lessons,

bucket filler slips to write on when someone filled your bucket! good for kiddos to be on the lookout for others being kind! LOVE the bucket book and these cute slips!

Nice idea to create a bucket for each family member. When you want to say something nice or thank someone you throw a note in their bucket. Works for classroom too.

Bucket Filler Art Project! Click on the link to download the "I am a bucket filler when I..." Writing Prompt