Prayer Of The Woods

Beautiful prayer

Nemophilist: woods lovers

Enchanted Wood, Argyll, Scotland

John Burroughs

It's all I need right now.

"I am most alive among the tall trees."

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Emily Audsley. Audrey Hepburn quote. I like how this quote is about hope for the future, a garden grows, therefor it needs time, it needs the future! It also inspires people to look after the environment as it is being destroyed.

chronarchy: A prayer by Rev. Michael J Dangler, an ADF Senior Priest and co-owner of The Magical Druid, a spiritual supply shop in Columbus, OH. May we fulfill the dreams of our Ancestors, and may they guide us when we take that final journey. What do you remember of your Ancestors?

The Yew is considered to be the most potent tree for protection against evil, a means of connecting to your ancestors, a bringer of dreams and otherworld journeys and a symbol of the old magic. In hot weather it gives off a resinous vapour which shamans inhaled to gain visions. Yew wood was regarded as especially magical to the Celts, due to its connection with the dead and the ancestors which were deeply respected. Archaeologists have recently found well-preserved Yew wood carvings at ancie...

native american prayers | Native American Prayers and Blessings - The Spirit Guides Network

Goddess prayer

The earth does not belong to man...

the woods

"Crones Don't Whine" -- such a great little book. Here's the short version.

Without God