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Baby of course, it's real! (For Game of Thrones fans :-) ~ I love baby dragons!

Real life dragon discovered found in the Lambusango Forest reserve Indonesia. Dragons, reality not mythology! #Dragon #Dragons #Awesome

A Real Life Dragon ~ Gliding Lizard Researchers in Indonesia have discovered what looks like a teeny tiny dragon. This was a nesting female found in the Lambsuango Forest reserve in 2009 and was immediately released after this photograph was taken.

★暑さに耐えられない! ミニでかわいい。けれど、 暑さにためいきがすごい。 もうこれ以上熱くなったら、耐えられへん。

I wish, I wish with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a world apart~lil baby dragon

AT - Why Walk by Cashile on DeviantArt

Trade with the amazing He composed a song for my character, Aurvandil, listen here, it's amazing You can find me elsewhere : Facebo. AT - Why Walk

He gazed at the shining angel, staring back at him. He would never be welcome here. Why did he even try?

He gazed at the shining angel, staring back at him. He would never be so brilliant!

These are a few of my favorite things

Writing Prompt: Then the tiniest dragon landed on his finger. // I WANNA PET IT

Day one - And the story begins. #Dragons

I was walking down the street when I stumbled upon a spectacular creature. Dragons are real! Head and Fish Fins: cgtextures Hand + Newt: , Horns: , Tail. Dragons are Real

... dream catcher dragon ...

I've never wanted a dream catcher tattoo before now. The Dream Guardian 'dragon and a dream catcher' by CLB-Raveneye on deviantART