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Parrying dagger (pugnale bolognese), ca. 1550–75; Italian. Partly gilt steel, brass & wood. Designed to be used together with a rapier, this dagger is fitted with a side ring, recurved quillons & a depression at the base of one side of the blade to accommodate the thumb and facilitate a firmer grip. The waves in the blade may be intended to act like "speed bumps" in breaking the impact of a blow from an opponent's blade. The piercing of the fullers (grooves) is decorative.

Knight Sword: The "Greatsword" - These swords were large two-handed swords. The length of the Greatsword ranged from 50-72 inches, with a handled measured 18-21 inches. It weighed between 6-10 pounds. It featured an extended that allowed the blade to be used in two hands. (13th Century)

D Guard Curved Dagger / Sword André Andersson Custom Damascus Knives - Knives, Daggers, Swords and Artknives from Sweden

Knights Templar: Silver Deluxe #Templar #Knights Sword, by Marto of Spain.

Mythic Weapon.

Mythic Weapon.

Mythic Weapon.

Anyone want this dagger? Looks like something a child of Poseidon would have.

viking axe-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Viking Blog (copy/paste)

a closup of the tsuba has been posted here. Picsource: Samurai Sword Shop Info CenterUSA dave@samurai-sword-shop.com00