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Pizza Hut

Ya Don T

Here S

Breaking News


You Don'T Say

You Dont Say Memes

You Think

We Have

Why yes Pizza Hut, you do have pizza. I am so suprised! I thought you may be were selling planks of wood for huts. :P

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Thanks for the advice.

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British Accents

Australian Accents

Speak Australian

Razor Blades

Beer Cans

Aussie Accent

Totally Works

Hahah Definitely

10 Times

C'monnnnn. U know u wanna.

Shower Curtains

Glad I M

Soooo Glad

Time Glad

That'S Soo

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Every. Single. Time.

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I think Wal-Mart got new candles.. This more makes me laugh because I work at Walmart and this is ridiculous!!

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19 Hilarious Ways To Reply To A Text


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They'll never get the hint. -_-

Note Taking


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True Life

Real Life

Seriously though.

Seriously Amanda

Real Amanda

Loved Amanda

Amanda Amanda

Amanda Bynes

Tyra S

Happened Amanda



Amanda Bynes-how dare you!!

Didn T Grab


Nothin Jesus

Rest Of Jesus

Jesus It'S

Life Jesus

Jesus Aint

No Shoes

Christian Louboutin

Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

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It is possible!

Sweet Cinderella

Didn T Grab

Nothin Jesus

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Princess Sweet Brown


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Nailed it, nailed it humor, nailed it photos, epic fail, irony ...For more funny pictures visit

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90 S Kids

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Loved this show!

Plain Ridiculous


Southern Thing

Southern Belle






It's just plain ridiculous!

Beware Falling

Cows Falling

Falling Cattle

Warning Falling

Caution Falling

Falling Rocks

Falling Bovine

Falling Things

Falling Sign

How many times did this happen before they had to put a sign up

Ultimate Punishment

Worst Punishment

Unusual Punishment

Perfect Punishment

Hahahahahaha That S

Haha So True





Pop Up Books

Good Books

No Way

Good Ideas

I Want

Need To

Ckas Wanna

Wanna Read

Wanna Fine

Well it will go very wrong when I open it to the spider page and scream and toss the book across the bookstore and smack a small child in the face and it screams and the parents scream and the shop is just holy hell...that's how wrong it could go. Which is why I just write long lame comments and don't open Pop-up books of Phobias!

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Graffiti on a bridge…

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I Just Said


Exactly Excuse

Just Be



Pick Up Line

I M Going

I'M Gonna

Gonna Live

What S

Well Played

Literally Laughed

My Friend


still do it.

still do it.
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We all did.

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Mode Engaged

still do it.