I cannot tell you how true this is. I caught him staring as I walked away...most amazing feeling...

.Starboy smirks with one of his hands up against the wall, "I saw you staring at me." I (Genevieve) turned around to him and smirked right on back, "Maybe you caught me staring," then I took another step closer to him raising my eyebrows, "But I caught you staring back." He raised a hand and shoved my shoulder, laughing, and I turned and walked back.

The best feeling

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Yes. These are very similar to the lyrics of the song "Amazed" by Lonstar, which happens to be an amazing song. :-)

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That's been happening to me more and more lately;) YAY!

.that is exactly what I thought the first time I saw Allen...I knew I was in trouble and in love. 30 years later I feel the same way...

One of the best feelings(:

"He saw her before he saw anything else in the room." -- F. Scott Fitzgerald quote

Kane pulled me into the conference room and locked the door behind him. He pushed me against the wall, his hands on the wall beside me head. I couldn't move away from him, he had me pinned. I was nervous he was going to yell at me, I couldn't read his eyes. He stared at me, his eyes shining with so many emotions it scared me. Anger, sadness, confusion, even adoration. "Why am I so afraid to lose you when you are not even mine," He whispered softly, leaving me speechless. "I've never felt thi...

Can't explain it, but I Love it <3

is it weird i like being single, but i kinda miss moments like this?! I'm so indecisive. haha. go me.

In Song of Solomon (Bible) God does call me beautiful and I believe Him, it is my name. Beloved of God.

I love it when I catch anyone I like looking at me ;)

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My heart, is beating, and my stomaches twisting so bad right now..

Sometimes I get too wrapped up in technology to see what's right in front of me...