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The touch things once rule that helps to reduce clutter

Pinterest Image showing clipboards with paperwork organised along with organised stationery

Best of 2012-Shower Curtain Rug

Easy DIY Rugs and Handmade Rug Making Project Ideas - Shower Curtain Rug - Simple Home Decor for Your Floors, Fabric, Area, Painting Ideas, Rag Rugs

12 ways a phone can help organise your life

Our Summer Marble Challenge - A quick & easy reward system for kids

Trying to get the kids to help out around the house during the summer holidays can be hard. So to overcome this, this year we are trying out a reward jar using marbles. Take a look at how we set up our Summer Marble Challenge and see how the first week has gone.

How to Get Rid of Toys Without Making Kids Mad: Our Epic Toy Clean Out

We were drowning in toys! I had organized and discarded year after year but the problem never went away. Then five months ago, we had an EPIC toy clean out and we're FINALLY free of the madness!

How to Maintain Order When Your Home is a Wreck

These card table pla These card table playhouses are adorable and perfect for pretend play! Click to see them all! #playhouse #kidstoys #learningthroughplay {Affiliate}

The quick and efficient way to declutter that saved me time and energy

Printable decluttering planner: I've gathered here the most helpful tips on how to declutter quickly and efficient! If you want to make your house a more friendly and spacious place, I'm sure that these tips will help you!

Stacks of School Papers Piling Up Everywhere? Here's How to Organize Those Papers for Good!

Finally a great way to organize kids school papers once and for all-- from their toddler years through twelfth grade! What a great keepsake to pass on to your kids too! Hundreds of moms are loving this amazing method to organize school papers.

Control the Toys & Books! The #1 Organization Rule for Kids

With this Must-Know Organization Rule, Your House Will Never Be Disorganized and Cluttered with Kid's Toys, Books and Stuffed Animals Again.

How I organize our kid's school work (projects, drawing, tests) that they bring home

Our French Adventure at Estuary House

{five minute friday} 18 Back to School Projects You Can Make in Just 5 Minutes

18 BACK TO SCHOOL PROJECTS that you can make in just 5 MINUTES! Projects to make mornings easier, for lunches & backpacks, for books & homework, for all the art they bring home, for their lockers, and for their teachers.

How to get ready to welcome a new puppy into your home

Welcoming a new puppy into the home is an exciting time, but do you know what you need to make the home coming as comfortable as possible? Take a look at our list of what we brought to help our new puppy feel at home.