mood ring

Kaleidoscope.... loved

Wax lip candy. I loved getting these!

I don't so much wish I had these but I wonder how many of them I have made? Wonder if I still could?

mood ring. Everyone had one.

Mood Rings

typewriter ribbons....note: black & red ink

childhood treat for sure.

Leather Bracelets from the 1970's...mine was similar

Loved these guys

Chunky 90s rings. I had so many of these. Wish I kept them.

Sesame Street ! ! !

This is how my ears were pierced back in the day!....with a needle after freezing your ear with ice. yep thats how I did mine..

Gas prices of the late 1970's

Spoon Rings

Remember typewriter erasers?

I wish I still had mine.They were yellow; made from Juicy Fruit Gum!

So much fun...

Super bells...

have always loved these

Mrs. Beasley....I still have mine!! =)