Interest Inventory for Behavior Plans

{FREE} 33 page packet of Behavior Management Templates :)

Student "check in" idea to use before a session from the blog, Elementary School Counseling (Marissa Rex)

New Student Packets - this teacher makes 5 extra of everything at the beginning of the school year so that when a new student comes midyear, she has a name tag, beginning of the year info, labels for folders/journals, etc. for the student. Good planning!


A completely different approach to the IEP.

Great Idea for individual behavior plans!

Two FREE posters for elementary teachers - Light Bulbs and Laughter Blog.

Behavior Chart

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Learn strategies for ending power struggles, calling out, and disruptive behaviors. Get ideas for teaching students to self-monitor their behavior and use positive language. A Peach for the Teach

This is an editable behavior chart. Fill in with students name and up to 4 target behaviors. Tracks behavior for one week and up to 6 subjects....

Counseling ideas included in this blog

Positive Behavior Mini Reward Cards

Classroom Counseling Documents - Elementary School Counseling

A Not So Wimpy Teacher's Behavior Management Manual: Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Goodies and Some Extra FREEBIES!!

Child writes on a slip of paper what they CAN do and puts in their own "I CAN!" On a challenging day, they can open up the "I CAN" and read some of their strengths as pick-me-ups!

jyjoyner counselor: More apps for School Counselors

A counselors work is never done

Easily Distracted Kids and how to help them

School Counselor's Door