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Gardening, yoga, bubble baths, medication, and I STILL want to smack somebody! ~ Ever have one of THOSE days! LOL a little laughter is good for the soul :)

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Relax Bubble Bath Collage | Bathroom Vinyl Decal | Wall Lettering

Words for chair- minus bubble bath Bathroom Decal Relax Bubble Bath Word Collage Vinyl Wall Lettering Quote

North Houston, Tomball, Cypress & The Woodlands TX Child & Family Photographer | chubby cheek photography blog - Part 10

pink, pop, party… cypress tx child photographer - chubby cheek photography - love the poses/perspectives

Those jerks! lol

Vintage women humor, I used to be a people person, but then people ruined it for me, Some people www the meta picture com

Lol I'll be getting a lift before that ever happens to me

Why Older Women Shouldn't Sunbathe in the Nude.- i totally laughed out loud

I'd socialize but it gets in the way.

I’d socialize, but it gets in the way of just being at home and doing what I want. Pretty much sums up how I feel most of the time. I only spend my time on the worthy now.

We've all had those days. :)

vintage humor woman I didn't want to go out but my hair looked too good to say home, holding can hairspray,

So true...

(If I had a dollar for every time I got distracted, I wish I had some ice cream.) This is so me more days than it's not, lol!

Crazy women

I warned you that I was PMSing. Why would you approach me without chocolate in your hands? Lesson on women: Get over your fear of menstruation. :-D