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The Boho-Maxi Dress Tutorial and Pattern

Como hacer un maxi vestido para niñas The Boho-Maxi Dress Tutorial and Pattern #sewing

Bridget McClelland Reusing is a very creative use of material and products. This allows you to reinterpret a product in any new meaning. With the current economy how it is and people not being able to splurge out on new collections. This imagery is an good example, of how you can look in your wardrobe and reinvent an old top into something new.

STEP TWO. this is a free pattern and tutorial - I like it better in the illustration where ther first three rows (including the bodice as a row) are NOT gathered, and the gathers start further down. Otherwise, it's kinda Carmen Miranda for me. And I'd have to do it with a back, not being the halter top type.