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An Easy Way to Edge a Lawn

Well, humph! Don't you hate it when you see a simple idea and think "Why didn't I think of that!! An Easy Way to Edge a Lawn

Bucket drip kits, a one time cost of $12, allow growing vegetables during the dry season using drip irrigation. Drip irrigation, originally developed in Israel, targets precious water to where it needs to go, the roots of the plants. Much less labor - it uses water efficiently. Less to lug, less time spent fetching it, more time gardening.

Live English Ivy Topiaries , The art of topiary, practiced by landscapers and gardeners for thousands of years, is truly timeless. We've chosen English ivy to create our elegant ball-and-stem topiary sculptures, prized for its longevity and the beauty of its deep-green leaves. •Hand-trained on wire frames •Cultivated by an esteemed American nursery to ensure fullness