Moved to tears. Don't forget our Gold Star Families on Memorial Day -

remember our military families

remember what they've been through

Not just another day to BBQ. This made me tear up. Going there was such a reminder to those that don't suffer that there are always some who do

Thank you!

And you think your having a bad day, this makes me cry

Memorial Day - It's not about the barbeque... God Bless Our Military! & God Bless America!!!

Semper Fi <3

#Memorial Day

Marine Cpl. Bob Romaker, 86, salutes during the playing of the National Anthem during the Marine Memorial Day remembrance service in Fort Meigs Cemetery.

This is true


Let us NEVER forget...Freedom isn't free. To this Warrior -- AND ALL others -- I say "THANK YOU." --HOOAH!

May we Not forget..there is a price for freedom... Can't look at this photo with out tears.

never forget

Medal of Honor recipient LT. Michael P. Murphy was killed in action in Afghanistan. The events are recalled in the book The Lone Survivor.

Our Love is Military Strong

...God bless our troops & their families... ♥

Heroes don't wear capes. -