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Imagine! Favorite song!

Chin Up. OMG love.


I'm doing it. I am. Love it on the wrist. Tiny enough to cover it up by a watch

The meaning behind this is beautiful.

I would get these in random places by my other tattoos

live- placement. simple. love.

Best Friend tattoo :)

So true<3

Foot tattoo<3

Heart tattoo

wanderlust travel photography nature adventure city quotes sea sky hike camp

Really want tatoo the quote!

It means no worries!

Dream, Hope, Love, Family, Believe, Strength Tattoo. Great tattoo but might use my kids name instead

love to infinity and beyond<3 i want this.


"keep me where the light is"-John Mayer tattoo. Quote tattoo. Arm tattoo. The font is everything. Script.