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Outdoor Napkin Holder, can be personalize to match any decor.

Outdoor Napkin Holder This windproof holder ensures napkins will stay stacked during your next outdoor party.

Floral Cutout Napkin Holder #urbanoutfitters

Floral Cutout Napkin Holder -- I wouldn't use it for salt and pepper, just use it to hold napkins needed during the makeup application process.

"S" is for Scrap Napkin Holder

"S" is for Scrap Napkin Holder (That's My Letter)

Spectrum Diversified Heritage Standing Napkin Holder

Spectrum Diversified Heritage Standing Napkin Holder

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Wood Napkin Holder

Wood Napkin Holder

NAPKIN HOLDER The Napkin Holder is a classic idea that keeps your paper napkins neatly in place and also lets your family and guests help themselves whenever they need a napkin.

See the "Silk-Flower Party Lights" in our 60 Summer Good Things gallery

Silk-Flower Party Lights

These flowers look like the prettiest climbing vines. But they& not just sweet by day -- they& radiant by night. Despite their enchanted appearance, they are simply holiday lights covered with faux flowers (we chose flame-hued silk poppies).

wooden embroidery rings used as fabric holders

Food Guards: Fend off picnic-table pests with inexpensive sewing supplies - embroidery hoops and muslin.

Patriotic Pockets                                                        Keep silverware and napkins in one festive place for picnics, barbecues, and meals on the go.

Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Crafts and Party Decorations

DIY Utensil Patriotic Pockets: Keep silverware and napkins in one place for picnics and other meals on the go. Oilcloth is the ideal material for this pocket project; it won't fray, plus it can be wiped clean easily.

Repurpose Your Boxes Into Closet Organizers!

If you have a lot of similar sized diaper boxes laying around, here is an idea how you can recycle them in your home instead of tossing them 

Great Idea ~ painted cans for plasticware or silverware. Could add red and white checkered fabric or paper to outside of can.

More Party Ideas

Light Columns. Run a string of lights up one side of bamboo stick or dowel and down the other, securing it with masking tape. Then stack paper lanterns over the stick, securing the lanterns to each other with tape. Plant these sticks securely in the ground to add a modern look to an outdoor reception area.

Paper Lantern Columns Creating cool lighting for your venue of choice can be an expensive endeavor. Try this DIY that involves stacking paper lanterns on a dowel to make giant light columns.