Way cool!!!

Cute rook, conch and double piercings

Forward Helix Piercing; Love the heart!

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Rook Piercing. I am so excited to get this one day.

rook piercing :)

From @Into The Gloss. In my opinion, Emily Weiss is super-cool and her articles profiling different style icons/bloggers/models/etc. are fantastic.

Thinkin' about it...

Star tattoo on ear :)

Tree Frog Gold Ear Cuff Non Pierced No Piercing FOLLOW ME for more pins like this


Daith Piercing - Heart Earring. 25$ to pierce, 25$ for bare minimum jewelry. Once this Daith piercing is COMPLETELY healed (8-12 months) THEN you can insert the heart jewelry.

cute! want this for my rook piercing


rook piercing! love this! #want

Correggere le imperfezioni delle orecchie con l'otoplastica http://www.laclinique.it/otoplastica.html

How to get rid of the bump on your nose piercing.. might use for my ear cartilage, i took out the piercing 3 months ago and it still has a huge bump D:

Ear Piercings

Tree Frog Gold Ear Cuff Non Pierced No Piercing

triple cartilage piercing | Tumblr