made out of an old window, white paint pen writing on front of window, double stick tape on the pics behind the glass, then staple gun for the burlap on back.. want to make a version of this for my house!!

i adore this!

Vintage Window Single Pane Picture Frames by VaughnCustomCreation, $75.00 personalized for you. Home decor, couple, wedding, marriage, anniversary, gift/present, vintage Window, old window, vintage.

I absolutely love this! @Thomas Marban Marban Marban Akin I wanna make this and put it in our house :)

picture through a window... Cute idea!

Barnwood Double Picture Frame

Just love this

Perfect! Doing it.

This website puts your words, favorite song lyrics, vows, ect into a picture

wow, i love this

I want this quote for the wall in our bedroom!

Rustic/Country wedding idea ~ use old windows to share photos

Idea for anniversary gift. Will add couple in the center and their children's families in each of the other sections.

Easy to find seating chart and cheaper than place cards! - Great idea -

B frozen in time <3 day photo ideas

They actually tied a knot. They tied a fisherman’s knot. It’s the strongest knot. The rope will break before the knot comes undone and the knot only gets tighter with pressure. Frame the knot and vows as a keepsake.


framed wedding dress, and if you look closely in the back of the frame is the bottom part of the dress