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  • Kelly Hunt

    Love this - want to make one for Melina's princess bedroom!

  • Kari Montoya

    Love this - want to make one for Elli!awe for baby smith :D

  • Sue Ruffin

    I met my Prince Charming His Name is Daddy by EverydayCookies (Home & Living, Home Décor, Wall Décor, Wall Hangings, Signs, baby shower gift, hand painted, sign, wall decor, nursery, hand made, shabby chic, cottage, beach, everyday cookies, heidi, twins, pink)

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i would like to take a sweet picture like this with new dad's and their baby

This is the best attitude to have. Never let anyone ruin your good day! #HeadHigh #HeelsHigh #Confidence

Pink Baby Girl "If I'm in Camo Daddy Dressed Me" Pink Bib- Perfect for Daddy's Little Hunter - Baby Girl Pink Hunting Bib. $6.99, via Etsy.

I absolutely adore this bible verse when it comes to babies. What a cute way to incorporate the verse in with precious photos of your new little one. This would look perfect over the crib or maybe the dresser. Love everything about this!

Dancing with daddy- would be very cute to do a photo with daughter dancing with daddy at a young age, and then another at her wedding, and then frame them side by side for a present for daddy (or the bride)!!!

while I do agree with this, I believe said child(ten) will remember the feeling of being left out when say, a grandparent, buys more for the other grandchild and seems to forget the others or spends significantly less, very obviously less. That makes em feel like crap and way less important. Add in zero time spent with said child from grandparent and there ya go.

Nothing has ever described me better! Its either a gift or flaw. Ill say a gift

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