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Sorrento, Italy.. I believe this is where Pinocchio became a real boy

That's probably face has hurt from smiling after every concert I've gone to. (A staggering 3)

Fall in love and never look back. Share you life with your soul mate! love

i could hug you for hours <3 youre my everything and I seriously like u a whole lot youre the boy to all my quotes one problem is.... I WISH YOU WERE MINE!

James would totally do this>>>this is when I know I'm just like James potter because I try to do the exact same things to my friends.

How to Book the Perfect Beach Rental

I'm going to "live" in one for a month! But its not the same as owning one!!! This is my first bucket wish for myself. I've dreamed this dream for as long as I can remember. The beach is my happy place.

Couldn't Have Said It Any Better. & Hopefully My Next Boyfriend Doesn't End Up Being A Piece Of Shit Like My Ex.