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I had to be put in a separate hallway in kindergarten for naps because I distracted myself and others from nap time...

My grandpa used to offer me a dollar, every day, if I would take a nap and I always refused. When he was old he said, "Think of all that money would have have had if you had napped when you were a kid?" Wish I had all those dollars and the naps too, lol.

men think it's a woman's fantasy to find the perfect man. every woman's dream is to eat anything without getting fat.

so funny, and true! and if the perfect man comes along while she is doing that, then it is a bonus!

My grocery store uses 4 checkouts unless it's busy then they use 1

soooo freakin' Walmart, which is why i NEVER go in there!

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six hour shift at work, 0 texts when i got off. go home to take a nap. 12 texts and phone calls.

seriously, bothers me on a daily basis.

Yes! Drives me crazy! I say this all of the freakin' time. What the hell? 2 kids live alone and Grandma lives down the street.

Pinterest.    SO TRUE.

Uhm not exactly. Minus the wedding and baby. Just give me the clothes, food, and all the crafts.then my life would be complete.

Glad I'm not the only one! I really don't mean to forget it right away :/

Everytime at work lol, I am so awful with names.

You just sang that in your head, didn't you?

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Every time.

Replace the Walmart sign with a Target sign, and this is completely accurate for me. I still need shampoo actually.

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