stacked travel baskets




Collect various picnic baskets and use for storage, all stacked together.

French Basket

I have the exact picnic basket and a small wooden chest! This is why I love Pinterest !

vintage basket and console table in one

stacking baskets


~ note to self: stencil a couple of numbers on my French basket

Getting Organized for Overnight Guests Placing pretty #storage containers in your bathroom closet not only helps you with day-to-day organization, but also keeps niceties on hand for sudden guests. When getting organized for overnight #guests, a wicker basket packed with fresh laundered towels, a toothbrush, soaps and a bouquet of lavender can be stored in the closet and then moved to the extra #bedroom before guests arrive.


rattan basket

Woven Luggage ~

Potato and onion storage baskets. Never seen anything like this before.


These baskets are a must!!