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Happy Thanksgiving in ASCII Art. Whether or not you do anything for Thanksgiving, it's nice to give thanks for the people and things we appreciate.



Father's Day ASCII Art

Keyboard art, castle

The Delightfully Wicked Dandelion in ASCII Art

Valentine ASCII Art Hearts

Facebook Ascii Art

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Here are a selection of ASCII art roosters (and some chickens) to inspire you for the year long celebration of the Year of the Rooster.

Valentine's Day ASCII Art

ASCII Art Angel


Lighthouses in ASCII Art

Sunny Village in ASCII Art | Creative Fat Grrl | ASCII Art | Scoop.it

Facebook ASCII Art : New ASCII Art Texts For Facebook

Crows, Ravens and Scarecrows in ASCII Art

Snowmen and Snow People in ASCII Art

Daffodil Day: Canadian Cancer Society - Have an ASCII Art Daffodil