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Harry Potter

Why is it that her predictions come true? And come to think about it, Harry "dies" at the end of the seventh book, four years after Trelawney made the same prediction.

How a master writer thinks. I need to remember this.

Harry Potter Facts "Remus Lupin" can be rearranged to "Primus Lune", which means 'Full Moon'.

Haha!! Too funny!! Though I haven't read Mortal Instruments or Infernal Devices, I do still sometimes get sad that Harry Potter is done.  ...but then I discovered Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus...

Never read the Hunger Games, never heart of The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices, but Twilight was definitely a drunken one-night stand, figuratively speaking. Nailed it exactly, haha.

harry potter facts

This shows that there is some sense in the world for two reasons: Twilight is one of the worst book series, and Harry Potter is THE best. POA was the worst HP movie; they totally botched the book plot.


Harry Potter Fact: Both Sirius and Fred, Hogwarts pranksters from different generations, died laughing

The Greatest House Elf.  Dobby was a great elf.

Seriously one of my favorite lines of all time."Dobby never meant to kill. Dobby only meant to maim, or seriously injure" ~Dobby the Free Elf


Harry Potter Facts In the movie scene "Nineteen Years Later," Tom Felton's girlfriend Jade Gordon makes an appearance as Draco's wife, Astoria Greengrass.

Harry Potter Facts J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter Facts 101 Makes so much sense. Every single detail is perfect! Good advice for writers.