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Goddess prayer for protection

Smudging prayer.

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Goddesses and Witches

Daily Prayer

<3 Book of Shadows page - Triple Moon Symbol & Goddess Chant

When the moon reaches its fullest, we often feel the pull of the sacred feminine. There’s something activated within us, and our goddess connection calls for recognition. There are so many ways that you can honour this inner divinity – this call to embody spirit. Here are a few of my favourites…

Protection spell

☽☼☾♥ Goddess ♥☽☼☾

Protection Chant for protecting a car or other vehicle.


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The Knots Prayer

New Year's Pagan Prayer - Welcoming the new - Saying goodbye to the old.

Sigils & Symbols: Wiccan/Pagan #symbols.

Book of Shadows: #BOS Triple Goddess Chant page.

Candle Spell for Protection from Negative People

God and goddess grant me

fox prayer