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Power Stays

Wurkin Stiffs collar stays - magnets hold the colar in place without a button down collar

How To Look Fabulous At 50 – And Beyond | Better After 50

How To Look Fabulous At 50 – And Beyond

Sounds about right... hope no one proves me wrong. lol

"Black + white + a pop of color = foolproof chic. Anytime, anywhere, any outfit.

(10) The student develops an understanding of fashion and the textile and apparel industries(ii) determining clothing silhouettes, fabric selection, and design elements appropriate for specific body types. #fs4703 http://www.womenswatchhouse.com/

Men's Suit Buying Guide - How To Buy A Suit

mens suit styles explained - collars, cuffs and suit cuts. Everything a groom needs to know for wedding day attire.

"My feeling is that it's not about how much something costs. If it looks great, it looks great." - Olivia Palermo // Fashion Advice

The Most Relatable Fashion Advice From Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, & More

How the fit of clothing matters

Fashion Infographics To Make Your Life Easy

If you are a female like me, finding a right outfit as per your body type and figure can be a tricky job at times. Here is an ultimate fashion guide for women, created in infographic style by Outfit Trends.

Word. Simple.

An entry from an jaeden

Fashion advice for the masses - never wear more than 11 items of clothing, shoes, accessories and shoes combined. Great fashion rule to live by.

man wardrobe capsule I could probably rule out a few more things based on my husbands tastes and preferences

Minimizing your wardrobe is about get more use out of fewer clothes. I’ve seen many challenges before as far as “only 100 pieces of clothes!” or “only 33 pieces of clothes!

10 Questions That Will Help You Define Your Personal Style - Verily

10 Questions That Will Help You Define Your Personal Style

This handy chart helps you figure out your personal style, which makes shopping and creating a wardrobe you love so much easier!