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    Funny Baby Ecard: You know how when you're in the bathroom for half an hour and nobody bothers you? Yeah, I don't...I'm not a Dad...

    • Amy <3

      Beyond true, I can't even be in there for 25 seconds without my husband asking "momma where are you ."

    • SpaGirl Elaina

      Seriously . . . it's like the second I try to go to the bathroom, everyone in the house starts calling for me

    • Laci Smith Buckley

      Ha! In our house, instead of barging in like they do with me, they will knock repeatedly on the door saying MOMMOMMOMMOMMOM

    • Vanna Parrish

      I didn't realize I would be giving up my expectation of privacy when I became a parent. Someone should have told me.

    • Sonia Ramos

      Mommy Problems!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think it matters how old they are either!! Mine are not little anymore and they still do it!!!

    • Michelle Unangst

      this also applies to grandma' even the grandkids cant resist the urge to find me when im in disposed

    • Sandy Gilley


    • Lisa Neff

      why do people keep complaing about their kids?? i know without having any that when i do my life is over..why didnt those people get it before they had kids?

    • Crystal Kline

      Why is this??? I'm in there two seconds and someone is trying to break in. Daddy is gone for 30 min and he gets left alone.

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