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fireplace + shelves

PMK+Designers:Lei Residence

This is almost what I imagined! the location of the living room, the kitchen, the loft... Excellent.

Fireplace. Hi, You love Dreamhouses,Cars , Watches, Jewelry and need impressions : financing, floor plans, exterior cladding, roof, Windows, electrics, heating, doors, Hall, living / dining room, kitchen, laundry, bedroom, bathroom, workroom, wall - flooring, gardens , garages and more. NEW-HOUSESOLUTIONS created beautyful pages for you.

Design Mistake #3: Painting a small, dark room white (Emily Henderson)

Design Mistake #3: Painting a small, dark room white (via )


Very modern, very chic. Everything about this place is "cool". My eyes were immediately drawn to the rug and contrast between hardwood and grey floors. Not sure if I'd want those black bars running through walls but really cool contrast, nonetheless.

Provencal House | Image by Living Agency

Un atelier transformé en loft à Madrid | PLANETE DECO a homes world

Keeping it warm

Griffiths Design Studio


Salle à manger esprit industriel , j'adore la guirlande lumineuse noire | Industrial style Dining room