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ohh..... /// Bath, Trees and Snowy Rowboat // Norway // arisalmela.imagek...

I wish I lived in a place where this was a yearly occurrence...and where I could wrap up in warm layers, swing like I did as a little girl and catch snowflakes on my tongue...Pure bliss!!

6 Peaceful Places from Around The World -

Snow, snow, snow ..

You know, just the farm in Vermont I'm going to live on someday. Where I'll have my own organic vegetable garden. Where I'll ride my bike to get into town. ................yes me too!

  • Audrey

    Oh my gosh yes. What a lovely retirement idea...can I retire REALLY early?

  • Coco Medina

    Oh my gosh lovely❤️

Chiffon by Benoit Courti, via Flickr Chiffon ..

not Google nor myself can find where this photo was taken -- #Lavender #Cliffs

  • Steven hobbs

    The white cliffs are high in magnesium and calcium, meaning the british isles. The melt water means glacier and snow melt, leading to scotland. The purple flowers show up in early spring suggesting far north. Knowing that, i searched those criteria and found your oasis in Glen Brittle Forest, Scotland.

  • Noémie

    The actual place pictured isn’t even in Scotland; it is the “Shotover River” in New Zealand (which, of course, isn’t actually purple.)

  • Steven hobbs

    Ah! The joy of photoshop. That would have made the search more accurate!

Snow is something that requires us to adapt. It makes us more present and aware. The changing seasons are ways we learn to be in the now. www.shoshannaapri...

“To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” ...photographer?