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  • Roberto Portolese

    This amazing Yacht designed by Yacht Island Design is named the Tropical Island Paradise. It’s an "island" that is equipped with a small waterfall, tropical plants, and a swimming pool. The luxury yacht is 295 ft (90 m) long. The island on a yacht even has a helicopter landing pad, a dining area, a bar, a spa, and VIP suites. It can travel at a speed of 15 knots.

  • Rosario Special Events

    super yachts | ... Tropical Island Paradise’ themed superyacht by Yacht Island Design

  • Alicia Reviv

    Floating Dream Homes - Yacht Island Design this is sick!!!

  • Kathya Castaneda

    My dream house!

  • TeriLyn Norwood

    For now, this giant yacht is a fantasy sketch that would cost "hundreds of millions of euros to build.” Photo: Yacht Island Design A floating home sits on a slab in the water and won’t be going anywhere, while a houseboat is capable of propelling to distant lands and moorings

  • Zoë Nykaza

    \coolest cruis ship ever?

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And what can be a more novel yet interesting way to leave your dreary and frantic life behind and rest in an exotic boat house, clad with all comforts, calm water flowing around, the swish and swirl of the cool breeze flowing across the windows and the most perfect picturesque beauty.

Boat island/island boat...why am I not living this way?! I guess one of the dogs (the Cairn Terrier) would hate it, but the other (the Boxer/Pit/maybe some Lab/maybe some German Shepherd/maybe some Rot or Cane Corso/etc.) would love it. She loves swimmin'!!!

Yellow house boat Plan B / if we never make it rich it's no problem, I would love to retire here :)

A private luxury yacht with DJ and personal chef just for you and your closest friends to cruise around Biscayne Bay all day and night at Four Seasons Hotel Miami.

I would love to go sailing....

sailing It/They were only 14 foot, but in my mind and heart, I was Captain Blood, Scaramouche in the Crows Nest, sailing The Briny Blue, upon The Chesapeake. My accidental gift on my 21st Birthday.

One day, we'll sail away. But until we do, we definitely want to learn the ropes. is a great resource for travelers looking to learn the ropes. // WorkAway

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