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Pit Bull: "I don't want to fight to make money for you. Get a job, loser.

Yes they are

Funny Baby Ecard: Yes, my dogs are my children. Yes, I'm going to talk about them as much as you talk about your kids. GET OVER IT. My cats too

Pitbulls are wonderful....not always their Guardians.

when it comes to pit bulls the beast is often the two legged animal at the other end of the leash

The Story of Patrick

The Story of Patrick

The Story of Patrick, wow what a beautiful dog. I didn't know where to pin this, but I knew I needed to. People please take care of you animals! Or just help for heavens sake! No dog or any animal should EVER look like this! Thank god he made it.

Petey - The Little Rascal's famous pitbull

Yes, this is Petey from the original 'Our Gang' (Little Rascals) TV show. Yes, he was a pit bull. You argument is invalid.

Put the blame on the "real animals" that deserve it-humans

"in the they blamed Dobermans, in the they blamed German Shepherds, in the they blamed the Rottweiler. Now they blame the Pit Bull." WHEN WILL THEY BLAME THE HUMANS? cute pit bull puppy and quote from Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer.

There are no words to describe the bond between a boy and his dog.

It\'s wondrous what a hug can do. A hug can cheer you when you\'re blue. A hug can say, \"i love you so\" Or, \"gee i hate to see you go\". A hug is, \"welcome


"We is sooper-scary pibbles! We is going to eat you! Yeah, eat you! So aggressive. Police and military use aggressive dogs like.wait they don't use pitbulls because that breed doesn't work!

Pit Bulls on Instagram

Pit bull and cat playing "It's behind me isn't it?" (truly funny because pit bulls are big babies)