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Leaving Mojave, California, US Route 1 heads north along the east side of the Sierras toward Bishop and eventually Lake Tahoe.

The Trans-Labrador Highway. If the point of taking a road trip is to get away from it all, you can't do much better than the Trans-Labrador Highway. Running 706 gravel-packed miles across the Canadian region of Labrador — a vast, undeveloped, Christmas-tree-shaped area a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle — it's a highway so empty you can drive for hours without seeing another soul.

The Loneliest Road in the World

Drive by one of the world& largest caribou herds, endless fjords, and whaling camps.

"The old road of Val Cellina" in Riserva Naturale Forra del Cellina, Italy

"The old road of Val Cellina" in Riserva Naturale Forra del Cellina, Italy

On The Road (2012) You know, I thought I was going to hate this film, but it wasn't half bad...

Kill Your Darlings if deffo gunna be a better represent ion and better film that On the Road was.

Can't wait for long, meandering summer drives along routes like this one. Found on Modern Hepburn.

long and winding road.that's life, you can either wonder how long the road is or enjoy the view


Santiago's battle was like running up the biggest hill. Most will quit while they are ahead, half will stop midway but there are a few who will fight to the top. Santiago climbed up the hill.

Out on the open road

Monument Valley, Tribal Park, Arizona, I have Personally Traveled that road at least a Dozen Times My Favorite Place in the U.