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KEIMFARBEN - Konsequent mineralisch.: Product brochures mold & moisture containment/prevention

Mold removal spray ~ 50% white vinegar, 50% distilled water & 1 tsp tea tree essential oil for every cup made. Spray on & leave. (She used 80/20 mix)

sea, field & tribefrom sea, field & tribe

diy: kitty litter dehumidifer

This blogger lives on a damp island and always had dampness/mold issues. He uses Arm & Hammer kitty litter near items of value and says it has eliminated mold! | diy: kitty litter dehumidifer | from sea, field and tribe


8 Cheap and Easy Hacks to Improve Your Bathroom

8 Cheap and Easy Hacks to Improve Your Bathroom : Mold needs moisture and because your bathroom is the wettest place in the house, it's always the first place to develop those unsightly spots. The first step to preventing the accumulation of mold is to allow proper air circulation. An exhaust fan will help to draw out moisture, but don't discount the simple act of keeping the bathroom door or window open. If you have a shower curtain, make sure to open it all the way when you're done…

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Coconut Oil In-Shower Lotion Bars

Winter can be such a harsh time for your skin. Make these coconut oil bars and your skin will be thanking you.

The Coconut Mamafrom The Coconut Mama

Coconut Oil Lotion Bars

{DIY} Coconut Oil Lotion Bars // Easy To Make & Only 3 Ingredients. USE SILICONE GINGERBREAD MOLDS

This Old Housefrom This Old House

Read This Before You Finish Your Basement

Finishing Foundation Walls: Insulated Stud Walls Best for: Avid DIYers on tight budgets How it's done: It's the tried-and-true traditional method: A vapor barrier and rigid-foam insulation are laid over foundation walls, followed by a stud frame and drywall. Watch a video of Tom Silva using this method to finish foundation walls.

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12 Showers That Do Everything Except Dry You Off

Pro tip: Make sure to put a good strong fan in here that automatically turns on to remove moisture, so you do not grow mold!

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Put These Plants in Your Bedroom And You'll Sleep Better

Peace lily’s flowers boost humidity. This eliminates airborne allergens. The moisture emitted by her blooms relieves an irritated nose and throat. Peace lily reduces mold spores by 60 percent. Her leaves absorb the spores, then transport them to her roots for food. Peace lily filters toxic chemicals present in grooming products. When peace lily is happy, she waves white flower flags. ~Becca


Chalk Dehumidifier

Tie sticks of chalk in a pretty ribbon and hang in your closet as a dehumidifier to help protect against mold and mildew.

WhiteCap™ Crawl Space Vapor Barrier - Our vapor barrier is a 20-mil thick liner with a mold resistance inhibitor built-in. This liner is used on dirt crawl spaces and on the walls. The liner completely stops any moisture or vapors from creeping into a home's air. When totally encapsulated, this vapor barrier system protects your home from poor air quality, bugs, and rodents.

Mom Preparesfrom Mom Prepares

How To Deal With Toxic Mold

How to deal with indoor mold - Toxic mold awareness and tips.

Use silica gel packets to keep pumpkins from molding during Halloween time! WHO KNEW! - Click image to find more Holidays & Events Pinterest pins

Boston Fern These houseplants act as humidifiers: They restore moisture to the air by releasing water vapor in exchange for atmospheric pollutants, which the plants convert to fuel.