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Diana and Billie Dee ad-libbed a lot of the dialogue. Diana Ross designed the astonishingly stylish clothes. The soundtrack was fantastic. I loved Michel Le Grand's music, too.

Billy Holiday, Lady Sings the Blues Billie Holiday used drugs all her life. I do not believe she would be the same musician without it, just the same as if she were born a rich white kid! Her music comes from her experiences and her state of mind, which in most cases (as she seems to show in "Lady Sings the Blues") to be filled with pain and ...

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Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues

Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues

Just when Don Lockwood is feeling the blues, Cosmo Brown keeps his spirits singing and dancing Make 'em Laugh in Singin' in the Rain.

Yuriy Shevchuk, Jazz Billie Holiday Lady Sings The Blues - Born in 1961 in Kiev, Ukraine, Yuri Shevchuk attended the Kiev Art School and the Kiev Architectural Academy. Yuriy has recorded his own experiences in his artworks: his three passions, painting, jazz and historical cars have become the focus of his paintings. Bewitched with jazz music he skillfully and rapidly sketches the cool and charming figures of musicians in action, showing the positive mood and spiritual intensity of jazz.

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Fierce Friday: DIANA ROSS – Fashion/Style Icon of the Ages – A Retrospective