Simple Little Home: 40 Ways to Distract a Toddler

20 No Mess Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Quiet Boxes - for the child who no longer naps and for the mother who needs her sanity back.

Toilet roll craft fire breathing dragon kids blow to develop oral motor skills. Simple to make craft and fun to play with.

Really good keep busy ideas for toddlers, Ive never seen most of these. The idea with lids is so smart, a reusable manipulative that you are probably just throwing away anyway!

Letter Hunt for Early Literacy: A sensory literacy activity for toddlers and preschoolers learning the alphabet.

Summer Rules Free Printable - no screentime until. Love this idea, saves kids from the summer slide!

Sensory boards for kids. Neat idea!

40 ways to keep a toddler busy. Some of these activities older kids would enjoy as well.

This is also great if you have a toddler at home :)

Simple Windsock Spring Craft for Kids - This is such a fun, simple craft for kids from Toddler and Preschool to Kindergarten and 1st-3rd grade. Description from I searched for this on

Alphabet Train: A fun toddler learning activity that helps with letter recognition.

#10 Schedule of a Stay at Home Mom | Tales of Beauty for Ashes

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.K.2.D Spell simple words phonetically, drawing on knowledge of sound-letter relationships. Children will use the spelled out words and find the individual letters to match them.

Summer Activities, Schedule, Ideas plus Free Printables Great daily schedule, activities, and ideas

Super Summer Schedule. Love this idea. And kids can help plan the activity within the theme.

5 Fabulous Quiet Activities for Sacrament Meeting: #LDS Popsicle Puzzles #mormon

20 No-Fuss Backyard Play Ideas for Kids - Getting so many good ideas for our summer bucket list. Love how easy they all are - gonna go do #2 right now!

Fireworks Painting Activity, Learning 4 Kids...

Future Play 1 - This activity falls under artist/creator and storyteller. This is an activity that exercises the imagination and pushes the child to create their own stories. This play hits all 8 points of quality of play. For a child these qualities can be found in all area’s of play. From a parent’s standpoint this type of play is important for a child. At this time in a child’s life they’re small brains are like sponges.

The I'm Bored Jar free printables! Find some creative boredom buster ideas and motivation for your kids! Filled with funny activities, crafts, and even chores, your little ones won't know what to expect when they reach their hand in!