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    2y Saved to World Wars
    • Karen Christie

      This free Lesson Plan for Kids Discover Mesopotamia will help you teach kids all about the birth of civilization, from the many inventions forged in this ancient era, like the wheel and writing, to the religious beliefs and myths that still seem current today.

    • Kat Wood

      Free lesson plans from kids discover. Social studies. World history. Social studies. Worksheets. Printables.

    • Julie Key

      This free Lesson Plan for Kids Discover Roman Empire will help you teach kids by taking a look back at life in Rome at its peak and explore countless innovations and inventions, which continue to influence Western life today….requires an account that is free and easy to sign up for…

    • History Unboxed

      This free Lesson Plan for Kids Discover Ancient India provides a guide to help you teach kids about the mysteries and major accomplishments of Ancient India, with an emphasis on their advances in city-building and the contributions of Vedic Aryans to modern Indian culture and society. Ages 10-15.

    • Brenda Joy

      This free Lesson Plan on Kids Discover African Kingdoms will help kids learn all about the breathtaking pyramids and temples, feathered and painted armies, and other extravagances of the greatest African Kingdoms. Requires (free) registration to download.

    • Lisa Boyer

      This free Lesson Plan on Kids Discover Ancient China provides a guide to teach kids about this incredible eastern culture, and the many inventions that can be traced back to Ancient China, such as how paper was invented, the birth of medicine, and the only man-made structure viewable from space; Great Wall.

    • Kate Harney

      FREE, 12-page printable Lesson Plan for Kids Discover Knights & Castles! (At bottom)

    • Emily

      KidsDiscover teacher guides for each issue. FREE!!

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    World War I Webquest "Battles and Fronts" (World History). Students will use the internet to search for information about the important battles and fronts of World War One. They will also analyze a primary source related to the Battle of Somme. Common Core aligned! The website is Interactive maps are included. This 2-page analysis worksheet will take your students about 1 hour to complete.

    A lesson plan with ideas for teaching the First World War inspired by the National Theatre production of War Horse.

    A short presentation about World War I, Remembrance Day and the symbolism of the poppy.

    Bingo for Social Studies. Covers some of the important people from the Civil War to World War 2. Great for fifth grade review.

    This excellent activity for World War II has students placing different events, people, and things into the country that best fits it on an idea web. The seven major powers of World War II are divided into the two major alliances (Axis & Allies) and 23 different items are listed above it.

    The Road to World War Two: An in-depth and interesting overview of the events leading to the start of World War Two. The package also thoroughly covers the events early in the war from 1939 - 1940.

    A differentiated activities package looking at the early in events of World War One. The package contains seven activities

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    World War I PowerPoint Presentation. Aligned with 5th Grade Social Studies Standards in Georgia. 100% Editable! Paid

    Facebook News Feed History of the World: World War I to World War II (not that far off from the truth!)